• IE502515 Big Data, Master, Fall term, NTNU (Aalesund)
  • IE501514 Distributed Programming, Master, Spring term, NTNU (Aalesund)
  • IE303612 Bachelor thesis (2 groups), Spring 2015, AaUC
  • IF300114 System Engineering and Development, Software Engineering lectures (12 hours), Spring 2015, AaUC, slides
  • ID101912 Object-Oriented Programming, Bachelor 1st Year, Spring term, AaUC
  • INFO-102 Intro to Info Systems II, Winter 2012, StFX
  • INFO-101 Intro to Info Systems I, Fall 2011, StFX
  • CSCI-455/522 High Perform. Comp., Spring 2010, StFX
  • CSCI-383 OO Programming and Design, Fall 2008, StFX
  • (in Chinese) Discrete Mathematics; Software Engineering; Algorithm Design and Analysis; Database Systems, Fall 2006- Spring 2008, GDUT

Industrial education programs

  • “Big Data for Martitime Operations”, GCE Blue Maritime and Maritime Operations AS, 12.2015-1.2016
  • “Summary of Big Data concepts”, Big Data Course, NCE Smart Energy Markets, Halden, 23.04.2015


  • Bikram Kawan, Master student @ Ålesund, 2016, now a PhD student @ Johannes Kepler University, Austria
    • Thesis “Neural Network Time Series Prediction of Ship Motion”
  • Xu Zhuge, Master student @ Ålesund, 2016, now an Engineer in Data Visualization @ DT Dream, China
    • Thesis “A Visual Analytics Framework for Marine Operations”
    • The project “Real-time Data Visualization for Bike Share” he led was highlighted in the national TV channel in China
  • Mischa Geven, Master student @ McMaster, 2015
  • Nicholas Proscia, Master student @ McMaster, 2015
  • Yanjun Jiang, Master student @ McMaster, 2015
  • Fazle Rabbi, Master student @ StFX, 2011, now a PhD student @ U of Oslo
  • Ahmed Mashiyat, Master student @ StFX, 2011, now a PhD student @ U of Toronto
  • Nazia Leyla, Master student @ StFX, 2011

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